10% of our profits go to charities
that support Global Kindness

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Get one. Give one.

and change the world one bug at a time
The Ripple Bugs mission is to inspire generosity and
create a ripple effect of kindness around the world.

Ripple Bugs

Our colorful, playful and highly collectible Ripple Bugs come in packs of twos so that you can Get One and Give One to a friend. When you purchase your Ripple Bugs you are essentially kicking off two Ripple Effects of Kindness; one yourself and through a friend.


Inside each Ripple Bug there is a Pay it Forward Token inside with a reference code. Enter your reference code on this site and select an Act of Kindness to perform. Once you performed your Act of Kindness, pass your token to someone else and encourage them to continue the ripple effect of kindness.

Get started in Easy Steps

1Enter Your Pay It
Forward Token #

2Perform an Act
of Kindness

3Give Your Token
to Another

Don’t forget to write down your token number, so when you can return you can enter your number again to see the Ripple Effect


Each Pay it Forward Token has a special code that will allow track the acts of kindness around the world, that all started from your Ripple Bug.

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